International Services for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

International Services for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

international Services for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

What is international pharmaceutical wholesale for export?
International pharmaceutical wholesalers can provide you with a wide range of branded and generic drugs and OTCs if you would like to do pharmaceutical import or parallel import. Only registered pharmaceutical warehouses can run pharmaceutical wholesale supply. In addition, they must have a license that allows them to import and export medicines.

Which License Your Georgia Pharmaceutical Suppliers Must Hold?

According to the EMA (European Medicine Agency), pharmaceutical suppliers must hold GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

What is an international pharmaceutical wholesale, and what are the differences from local warehouses?

By definition, the difference is operating locations. Local warehouses generally sell medicines to hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics in their region. International pharmaceutical wholesalers sell medicines to hospitals, clinics, the Ministry of Health, warehouses, and trader companies internationally.

Which services international pharmaceutical wholesalers can provide?
1- Procuring branded and generic pharmaceuticals from their local/national market.
Each registered wholesaler can supply pharmaceutical products from their market and ship them to you.

2- Parallel Import – International outsourcing for your pharmaceutical inquiries.
International pharmaceutical wholesalers can use international sources from various countries to find your pharmaceutical requirement. Therefore, wholesalers can source the medicine from different countries and supply it to your company.

3- Pharmaceutical Storage
Every warehouse cannot provide drug storage services. GDP and WDA/WDL licenses are needed to have authorization for storing pharmaceutical products. Every European pharmaceutical warehouse must follow and carry out the required conditions of EMA. It needs to be checked that international business partner is only a trading company or at the same time an accredited warehouse.

Which points should you care before starting to work with any pharmaceutical supplier?

1- Licenses
Required licenses are the first step for establishing a business partnership for pharmaceutical export and import. For exporting pharmaceuticals, the exporter warehouse must have GDP and WDA/WDL license.

You can quickly check your EU pharma supplier’s license validation via EMA – EUDRA System.

Click here to check supplier licenses.

Especially if you would like to import pharmaceuticals from the EU, you also must have a valid license from your relevant health authorities.

European pharmaceutical suppliers can only export pharmaceuticals to customers who have the relevant license for importing.

Click here to check an example license;

2- Scope of License
Pharmaceutical licenses are different by type and scope. Wholesaler Dealer Licenses may not cover all pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical product lines that need extensive WDA/WDL;

– Oncological medicines

– Blood products and blood medicines

– Narcotic drugs

For instance, your supplier might have a valid WDA/WDL from EMA, but they cannot procure narcotic drugs if their license does not cover oncology medicines.

3-Custom Clearance for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
EMA allows you to export pharmaceutical products to another European country without any customs clearance.

If you are a company outside of the EU, your European supplier must do custom clearance.

4- Shipping Conditions
There are two steps you must follow before importing pharmaceutical products.

Every medicine must be transported according to its storage and transportation requirements in its SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) document. Especially in pharmaceutical export, shipping is the most sensitive step. Otherwise, the products may deteriorate on the way during shipment.

Exporter pharmaceutical wholesalers should inform their customers about the required transportation conditions of each medicine and shipment requirements.


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