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Established in 2018 Re:Pharma is a Georgia based pharmaceutical wholesaler company, leader in sourcing pharmaceutical products from all the regions of the world.

We are supplier of medicines. We help physicians and Pharmaceutical Companys to look for medicines for their patients in the field of named patient programs. We deal with authorized wholesalers, pharmacy groups, hospitals, private hospitals, clinical trial providers and many other healthcare providers. We have a global network of trusted suppliers.

The medicines are approved drugs in well – established markets like Europe, Japan, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada and USA.

How It Works

01. Select the desired product from our catalog or write us a specification if you cannot find it in our catalog

02. A sales manager will contact you and ensure stock verification and offer you the best price in the pharmaceutical market.

03. In case of agreement, a contract is signed and you will receive an invoice and a packing list. That is, preparation for export begins.

04. If the amount is fully deposited, the products are promptly sent for export. to receive promptly.

Pharmaceutical Exporter and online trading – Pharmaceutical Company in Georgia

Our Vision

  • We export generic medicines and pharmacy supplies of all types of pharmaceutical products.
  • We are never late in delivering the order.
  • We provide best packaging services, so when our pharmacy products reach to you; it should be safe.
  • We are a generic pharmaceutical products company of our words, so you can trust us.
  • We provide pharmacy supplies services worldwide.
  • We have clients all over the world who believe us for our generic pharmaceutical products.
  • Our aim is to provide you the best generic pharmaceutical products with 100% safety.
  • Our vision is to provide complete healthcare through our pharmacy supplies service.

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